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Black Friday 2021 will be here before you know it with Cyber Monday is right behind. It’s time to get an eye on those big savings as some of the best deals of 2021 are arriving now and will carry through until the first of December.

Current Elliptical Black Friday Deals

  • The popular Sole E98 Elliptical is an additional $200 off regular sale price right now, that’s 50% MSRP!

Sole Elliptical Black Friday discounts


Up to 50% OFF


NordicTrack Black Friday Elliptical SalesNordicTrack

Check Prices on Amazon

Bowflex Black Friday Elliptical Deals


Includes free shipping on select models

Pro-Form Black Friday Elliptical Deals


 Life Fitness Elliptical Black Friday

Life Fitness

Best Elliptical Deals on Amazon this Black Friday


Up to 20% OFF 

It’s the perfect time to be shopping for your home gym or updating an existing one, as ellipticals will be selling for as much as 50 or 60% off the retail price.

With the lingering economic effects of the last year’s COVID-19 quarantine, it’s been a weird year this year in the fitness space, with brands offering new and more dynamic specials on home equipment than ever before. The good news is, deals are hotter than ever before. The downside is, you have to keep your eyes peeled because they change with the wind. This means Black Friday 2021 should be an exciting time indeed, and we’ve seen sales starting earlier and lasting longer than usual.

On the other hand, the biggest issue we’re seeing industry-wide is a matter of supply. Pretty much all of our favorite brands have run out of stock at one point or another, so buyers don’t have the same luxury of time when it comes to making their purchase. Obviously we want to ensure that our readers are buying the right elliptical to suit their needs, but know that once you’ve come to that decision, if you see the right elliptical for the right price, it’s time to move fast. Especially when it comes to Black Friday sales, and the sales leading up to Black Friday, the smart move is to pull the trigger rather than waiting it out and hoping for a better deal. Waiting for that anticipated additional 5% in saving could mean waiting more than a month or two as ellipticals go on backorder.

First things first, you must do your homework—know what you want (does it fit your needs), learn what is a good, bad or ugly elliptical machine, and know the regular price. Then you will be well informed and at the end of the day a satisfied customer. To get you started, we have provided some tips and sage advice to follow as you make your list.

Get ready to know a deal when you see it. Don’t get pulled in by the price alone, as there is more than meets the eye.  There is no time to waste. You don’t want to be the one to see the dreaded “SOLD OUT” sign after spotting your must-have elliptical this Black Friday. As a general rule we point people towards shopping directly with the brands themselves, as they are generally able to offer the deepest discounts on their best and latest models. Most brands are using this date as a way to clear out 2021 models as they start to roll out the latest ellipticals for 2022. That said, Amazon can have some killer Black Friday deals (and Cyber Monday deals), so we’re including a link to the best Amazon Black Friday elliptical deals below as well. Word to the wise, Amazon deals come and go very quickly on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you’re going to want to move quick on those, should you see any Black Friday deal on Amazon that suits your needs.


Picking The Right Elliptical

Ellipticals For Home Use

When looking at elliptical options this Black Friday there’s a lot to ponder. Your budget, available space, current fitness level, and overall health will be a big part of the equation. While some are looking for the most challenging and calorie burning workout they can get, others want a slower pace, with the goal of improving overall mobility and keeping their joints moving. We’ve gone through the search repeatedly in order to provide solutions for users of all shapes and sizes, and you can find the results at the link below.

Visit Our Best Ellipticals For Home Use Page Here


Compact Ellipticals

One of the main concerns with a lot of fitness equipment is space. Will this fit in my workout room? Can I get it through the door and up the stairs? Can I fold it away so I don’t have to stare at it all the time? These are all fair questions, and the majority of major fitness equipment brands have heard this call. Unlike with treadmills, some elliptical are just about impossible to make into units that fold, but there are definitely more compact options out there. The biggest challenge is how to make a smaller piece of equipment stable and long lasting. Of course, this is where we come in (once again). Our guide to the best compact ellipticals covers the details of the best models in the business, as well as a comprehensive guide of what to look for when shopping in the category.

Visit Our Best Compact Ellipticals Page Here


[Updated: October 23, 2021]

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