Labor Day Elliptical Sales – Tips For Saving

Labor Day sales traditionally focus on summer items such as pools and patio furniture, but elliptical machines and other “indoor living” favorites are marked down for the holiday too. Most Labor Day elliptical sale prices are put in effect before the three-day weekend; shoppers start getting holiday discounts as early as a week beforehand.

Where’s the best place to shop for an elliptical? Unless you need to test ride a machine, there’s no reason to fool with the Labor Day crowds The best elliptical trainer deals are almost always online. You can follow links from our product reviews to get online Labor Day elliptical sale prices with no coupon codes required. We provide direct links to elliptical manufacturers so you can get the best warranty and avoid third party mark-ups.

To help you choose the right elliptical trainer, here are four key questions to keep in mind while shopping.

1) How much room is available for elliptical training?

Elliptical machines come in many sizes. Some are set up rather permanently, but others can easily be folded for storage between workouts.

Before you start shopping the Labor Day elliptical sales, measure your available floor space. A typical size for a rear drive home elliptical trainer is just under seven feet long and three feet wide. Front drive trainers are usually the same width but not quite as long. Center drive elliptical trainers have smaller footprints; a typical unit is about 4.5 feet long and three feet wide.

You might decide that a foldable home elliptical is best for your workout space. These are available in all price categories. One popular space-saver has a mere 32” x 28” footprint when folded.

2) What stride length is best?

Regardless of your available workout space, you can choose an elliptical machine that accommodates your full stride. The usual range is 18” to 21”. An 18” stride elliptical trainer will suffice if you have shorter legs, but opt for a machine with a longer stride if you’re of average or taller height.

Some elliptical machines have adjustable strides to suit multiple users and make workouts more dynamic. Some offer extra-long strides and can actually double as treadmills. Some have extra-short stride settings to double as stairsteppers.

3) How much resistance is a good value?

A main benefit of elliptical training is low impact motion. The smoothest rides are generally provided by machines with the heaviest flywheels. Also, the heavier the flywheel, the more challenge you can get from the machine at its highest setting. It makes sense to pay for a heavier flywheel — to a point — and with Labor Day elliptical sales you might be able to afford more weight than usual.

If you’re an advanced athlete or weigh more than 200 pounds, then an elliptical with a flywheel weighing 25 pounds or more is recommended. If you’re a novice to elliptical training and don’t weigh so much, then you might get smooth rides and adequate challenge from just a 20-pound drive.

4) How much workout programming is desired?

Workout guidance can make the difference between abandoned fitness plans and success. Virtually every elliptical machine is equipped with preset workouts that control the resistance, but the number and quality of these programs vary significantly from brand to brand and model to model. Some machines featured in Labor Day elliptical sales have about a dozen preset workouts. Others support literally infinite program downloads.

Most exciting of all the programming options are those with virtual reality elements. Several brands of ellipticals work with iFit, which integrates Google Maps topography data and Google Street View to let trainees virtually train along any route they choose. Ellipticals from some other brands can play scenic videos that adjust to the intensity of the user’s motion.

Also available this year are ellipticals that integrate with popular mobile apps for fitness tracking. For example, a trainee can wirelessly track their workout session data and have it automatically sent to FitBit or MyFitnessPal.

Favorite Elliptical Deals Year-Round

Certain elliptical machines are best buys just about any time. See our comparison charts of top ellipticals in your price range and follow our links to reviews and the best prices.

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