New Year Elliptical Sales

The New Year is almost upon us, and that means a slew of New Year’s elliptical sales, if history has taught us anything. It’s been an interesting year in the fitness world to say the least. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 shut downs, we see people choosing to upgrade the home gyms they established during the quarantine. And, there are some who are going big. Meanwhile, remote work opportunities continue to increase, and with them, the desire for connectivity by way of streaming fitness programs. With these factors combined, more people than ever have turned to at-home fitness options rather than attempting to spend time in public gyms. We’ve seen significant growth in the space, however that doesn’t mean that deals and discounts aren’t out there to be had. We saw solid blowouts on Black Friday, and we’re expecting more as we inch into the gap between Christmas and the start of 2022.


Below you will find a bit of a guidebook to use while shopping New Year elliptical sales for fitness machines in all price categories. Vendors are offering durable elliptical trainers for less than $1000 as well as club-quality cross trainers for shoppers with higher budgets. Generally the delivery costs are included in the advertised sale prices.

To help guide your shopping we summarize several categories of elliptical trainers below.

Cheap Elliptical Machines

Many low-priced elliptical trainers are advertised for the New Year. Are they worth buying? Sometimes. At this time of year some very good machines are being cleared out to make room for even newer options. In other cases though the very low-priced elliptical trainers expect riders to make some sort of compromise. These machines have light resistance, for example, or very short elliptical strides. (Note that most trainees find that an elliptical machine is only comfortable to use if the flywheel weighs about 20 pounds or more and the stride is at least 18” long.) For cheap ellipticals that score well all-around, see our comparison chart of the best elliptical trainers under $1000.

Folding Elliptical Trainer Deals

Folding elliptical machines are among the most popular models for home use. These elliptical trainers are usually full-sized and support a complete range of motion, but when folded they only need about half the floor space. The folding process takes just a few seconds and doesn’t require much physical strength.

Ellipticals with folding technology sometimes cost a few hundred dollars more than traditional elliptical trainers do, but New Year’s discounts help them fit more shoppers’ budgets. You can buy a good quality folding trainer for less than $1500 during this year’s New Year elliptical sales.

Adjustable Stride Elliptical Deals

Most ellipticals for this model year have fixed strides. In other words, each has one elliptical path length. Typically the path length is anywhere from 18” to 21”. However, some of the best elliptical trainers have adjustable strides. These are some of our favorite cross trainers because they can comfortably fit just about anyone’s natural gait, plus they have “bonus strides” to use for extra muscle toning.

High Quality Elliptical Deals

Club-quality elliptical trainers are sometimes sold with especially long warranties for home use. Some brands sell the exact same models to health clubs and private customers. These machines can serve a family for years before maintenance is required.

Compared with cheaper elliptical trainers, club-quality elliptical trainers have wider ranges of resistance and especially smooth rides. Usually they support multiple user profiles to provide the most accurate calorie and heart rate feedback, and they let trainees save customized workout programs to the console.

Many of these luxury elliptical trainers are available with a choice of monitors to let shoppers choose from traditional or advanced styles. Touchscreens and high definition TV monitors are some of the special features available

Elliptical Deals for Advanced Athletes

Commercial quality elliptical trainers are suitable for advanced athletes, but the better residential ellipticals are powerful enough too. Elliptical trainers for advanced athletes mainly need to have high resistance along with a comfortable stride. A nice bonus to look for is a power incline for extra resistance.

Inclines on elliptical machines typically have maximum settings of 10 to 20 percent. The best elliptical trainers for people seeking extra challenge have flywheels that weigh at least 25 pounds.

Honest Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Choosing a satisfying elliptical trainer is easier when you’re armed with accurate information. Prepare to shop the New Year’s elliptical sales wisely by reading our elliptical buyers’ guide, elliptical reviews and comparison charts.

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