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Detailed Overview

It has a cheerful name but the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical inspires many grouchy customer reviews. Here we look at its simple appeal and some major shortcomings.

The main selling point for the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical is low price. Sale priced at just $129, this unit costs about 90% less than many popular home elliptical trainers of average quality. The other main selling point is compact size: This machine measures just 26.6” wide and 37.8” long. Standard home elliptical trainers are a bit wider and about twice as long. It’s relatively portable too. The Sunny Magnetic Elliptical isn’t foldable but it does have wheels, and at just 68 pounds it’s easy to reposition.

And now the problems… As you might guess from the $129 sale price, this machine is assembled from rather low quality components. One example is its very light flywheel. Because the flywheel is so light, the Sunny elliptical can’t provide the smooth momentum for which elliptical trainers are usually known. The light flywheel also means that this is strictly an elliptical trainer for beginners. Compared with a standard elliptical, it offers little challenge. Another example of low quality is the use of plastic parts such as the thin plastic housing over the flywheel. On better elliptical trainers the housing is metal and more durable. A third major drawback is the exceptionally short stride. It’s just 13.5”. For comparison, the best elliptical trainers for adults around 5’ tall have about 18” stride paths. Choosing a machine that supports a healthy, natural stride path is essential for safe elliptical exercise.

Other key points about the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical include: moving arm bars; stationary arm bars with heart rate sensors; and a monitor that can show Time, Speed, Distance, Total Distance, Calories and Pulse. The calorie and pulse readouts should be regarded only as estimates.

Our Favorite Features

  • Two-way striding (forward and backward motion) is supported for workout variety
  • Pedal ridges and textured pedal surfaces protect against slipping
  • Compact size makes the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical convenient to use in smaller homes
  • Attached wheels and a light weight (68 pounds) make the machine easy to move
  • Low price makes this machine very affordable up-front

Our Least Favorite Features

  • Very short stride can make this elliptical machine uncomfortable for people with average and longer strides
  • Difficult assembly may result if parts are labeled incorrectly or are defective, as is reported in Sunny Magnetic Elliptical customer reviews
  • Loud squeaking is likely after every few uses, and to keep quiet the machine may need to be lubricated frequently and have its bolts tightened often
  • Low quality parts could lead to machine breakdown within a few months of purchase
  • No workout programs are provided
  • Session data may be inaccurate; the calorie counter uses a default body weight (likely around 150 pounds) and the pulse readers are far from hospital-approved
  • No drink holder, book holder or other amenities are included

The Bottom Line

Exercise should help your body, not harm it! Poor ergonomics make it impossible for us to recommend the Sunny Magnetic Elliptical. Besides that, the machine seems prone to breaking down rather quickly.

Nobody builds safe and comfortable elliptical trainers for a $129 sale price. For $129 a better option might be an elliptical alternative such as a glider… but if you’re open to spending more on a body-friendly elliptical trainer that will endure, see our lists of best buys.

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