4th of July Elliptical Sales

4th of july sales

If you’ve been considering adding an elliptical to your home gym, you’re in luck—4th of July fitness equipment sales are kicking off for the year, and there are some good deals to be had. Prices are dropping, as dramatically as 40-50% off in some cases, and other bonuses like free shipping and assembly can sometimes be thrown into the mix. Fitness equipment retailers tend to struggle when temperatures rise, as more and more people around the globe are moving their workouts outdoors. Thankfully, the 4th of July is the perfect excuse to throw a sale, and as is the case with most industries, once a couple of the major players start cutting prices the others soon follow suit.

A deal is great, but above all else we want our readers to be making the most informed decision they can. Not all ellipticals are created equal, and depending on your needs (and budget) what is recommended for you might not be what’s recommended for someone else. It’s ok, that’s why we’re here! Follow our links to free in-depth elliptical reviews and links to holiday sales.

Elliptical Shopping Sales Questions and Answers

We get asked all sorts of questions from potential shoppers on our site about the ellipticals we review, and though some of them can be a bit obscure, others are the kind of thing that every potential elliptical buyer should brush up on before deciding on their first purchase. We’ve narrowed down the list here to our top five FAQs that are crucial to the elliptical buying process. If you have questions that fall outside of this list, we’re always paying attention to the comments section on any of our posts as well.

1) Is it best to buy an elliptical trainer online or in person?

Buying an elliptical trainer online is usually your best bet for a handful of key reasons. First of all, the overall cost is almost always lowest when you buy directly from the manufacturer’s website, or via an online giant like Amazon—considering not only the price of the machine, but also the cost of shipping and assembly. Second, shopping the many 4th of July sales on ellipticals or just in general, you’re more likely to find a great deal on the latest and greatest machines on the market. When shopping brick-and-mortar fitness stores around these times you could find a decent deal, but 9 times out of 10 you’ll be looking at older and often dated machines that the store is looking to offload, and odds are they’ll still be trying to make up margins with shipping and assembly fees.

2) Which stride length is best?

There’s a decent amount of variation in stride length available depending on the elliptical (and price range) you’re looking at. It’s important to pay for an increased stride length, if that is more suited to your natural gait. A healthy elliptical stride length for people about 5’3” and shorter is 18”. For trainees of average and taller heights we recommend stride lengths of 19” and above. The standard on most residential and health club elliptical machines these days is 20”.

Adjustable stride is provided on some of this year’s top-ranked ellipticals. Shoppers tend to favor these cross trainers because they offer a comfortable and natural fit, plus the option to change the elliptical path for targeted muscle toning. In addition, an adjustable stride is especially worthwhile for those in households where more than one person will be training on any given day.

3) Why is elliptical flywheel weight important?

The smoothness associated with using an elliptical machine is derived from the rotational inertia of a flywheel housed at the front, rear, or center of the machine. Usually this fwheel is made of steel or aluminum. The heavier the wheel, the more inertia it can build, and thus the smoother the ride of the machine. On a good residential elliptical the wheel weighs about 20 or 25 pounds, and on a commercial quality elliptical it might weigh 30 pounds or more.

Flywheel weight is also important on account of being the source of resistance for your training. If the highest resistance setting is relatively light for you, odds are you’ll end up outgrowing your machine relatively quickly.

4) What else should I know about elliptical machine quality?

Of the many features to look out for, wireless heart rate monitoring is a great benefit/feature to have on your new elliptical. Ellipticals in every price category include contact heart rate monitors, but these usually aren’t as accurate. At the top end of the market, some of the best ellipticals with wireless receivers can use heart rate data to control the machine’s resistance.

As price increases, the coordination of an elliptical tends to improve. To put it simply, on cheaper machines the arm bars don’t necessarily move in perfect harmony with the foot pedals. On better quality elliptical trainers the arm motion and leg motion feel naturally synchronized, which makes a huge difference when you’re training on a regular basis.

A common complaint about budget/entry-level ellipticals is that they’re squeaky. This problem can often be solved with bolt tightening and lubrication, but that can be quite the hassle. Ellipticals in moderate and higher price categories have welded frames and are much lower maintenance.

5) What’s a good home elliptical warranty?

Of the many types of fitness equipment out there, an elliptical is one where we pay extra attention to warranty coverage. As a general rule, more moving parts means that there’s more to wear out or break, and you want to be sure that you get a good lifespan out of your new home gym equipment.

Most elliptical warranties are split into several categories. First, even at the budget elliptical level, the warranty generally includes a lifetime guarantee for the frame. (Elliptical frames are typically made from steel, so making a lifetime guarantee isn’t difficult.) Next is the elliptical parts warranty. Some of the cheapest 4th of July elliptical sales offers include no more than a year of coverage, which isn’t particularly confidence inspiring. A three-year parts warranty is a sign of much better durability, and this can be found on ellipticals below the $1,000 mark during some of these 4th of July elliptical sales. Finally, some (but not all) manufacturers provide electronics warranties too. Two or three years is typical for moderately priced elliptical trainers.

Elliptical Deals

With these criteria in mind, your next step is to have a run through of the variety of ellipticals that we have reviewed on our site. The links in each review will lead you to the best deals available for each piece of equipment, some of which will be benefiting from 4th of July sales discounts, whereas others are regularly on sale through its respective manufacturer. Check out our favorite elliptical trainers in your price range and get links to online discounts.

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