Elliptical Deals: Save Big with Memorial Day Discounts

Memorial Day elliptical sales feature some of the lowest prices of the year. Warm weather gives customers an advantage: As more people start exercising outdoors, elliptical sales drop and lower prices follow. With online sales you can shop any time and still enjoy the holiday with your favorite people. Elliptical coupon codes aren’t required, just follow our Memorial Day elliptical sales links for instant discounts.

To help guide your shopping we summarize different types of ellipticals below, such as space-saving folding ellipticals and commercial quality ellipticals. For specific product reviews, please see our homepage.

Space-Saving Elliptical Deals

Some types of elliptical machines are more compact than others. Generally the ellipticals with rear drives need the most space. Center drive ellipticals have the smallest footprints, and front drive ellipticals fall somewhere in between. Our website features year-round best buys in each category to help you evaluate the Memorial Day elliptical sales.

Another category to check out is folding or compact ellipticals. While some have relatively short strides, others are sized just right for adults of average and taller heights. Ellipticals with folding technology sometimes cost a bit more than their non-folding alternatives. Memorial Day discounts help them fit more shoppers’ budgets.

Adjustable Stride Ellipticals

Some ellipticals on sale for the holiday have fixed strides of 18”, 20” or a similar length. Others have adjustable strides. We recommend adjustable stride ellipticals not only because they let the machines accommodate a wider range of trainees, but also for the workout variety. If an elliptical has eight stride settings, for example, then it supports eight different sorts of challenges. Adjustable stride ellipticals generally cost more than others do, but with Memorial Day discounts they’re more affordable.

Some adjustable stride ellipticals have especially long maximum stride settings. These fitness machines do double time as low-impact treadmill alternatives. Additionally some have very short stride settings so they can function as stairclimbers. Sometimes these elliptical trainers are advertised as hybrid fitness machines.

Incline is another way that elliptical path variety is introduced. Some of the best ellipticals for sale this holiday have power inclines to help rev up calorie burn and allow targeted muscle toning.

Cheap Ellipticals

Lots of cheap ellipticals are on offer for Memorial Day. The trouble is knowing which discount elliptical machines are true bargains and which are risky buys. One caution is to avoid cheap ellipticals with very light resistance; they don’t provide smooth rides and you’d probably master them rather quickly. Choosing an elliptical with at least 18 pounds of resistance is a good guideline. More resistance is important for heavier trainees.

For tips about specific models you can see our in-depth elliptical reviews. Also see our selection of this year’s best ellipticals under $1000.

Ellipticals with Wireless Connections

Wireless connectivity is becoming more common on elliptical machines. In all price categories you can find ellipticals with Android web browsers and/or with connectivity for automated data tracking. Elliptical machines from various fitness brands can sync with FitBit, MyFitnessPal, iHealth and other mobile fitness apps.

Also important to consider is wireless heart rate monitoring. Most elliptical trainers have contact heart rate monitors, but not all have wireless heart rate receivers. Wireless monitoring is the best way to get an accurate and convenient reading, especially when exercise is intense.

Commercial Quality Ellipticals

Shoppers with higher fitness budgets can own club-quality elliptical trainers with top-notch ergonomics and engaging electronics. Some of these fitness machines are identical to the units featured in health spas but they carry much longer warranties assuming home use. Compared with cheap alternatives, commercial quality ellipticals offer wider ranges of resistance and are noticeably more comfortable to use. Some are available with luxury monitors for high definition TV and on-demand workout programming as well.

Early Bird Savings

Memorial Day elliptical sales sometimes start early online. If you’re ready to order your new trainer, check the manufacturer’s site as early as mid-May for Memorial Day elliptical deals. For help judging whether an elliptical sale offer is a true bargain, read our free elliptical reviews.

Additional Resources

Questions to Consider When Holiday Elliptical Shopping

Why an elliptical?

For many, ellipticals are the perfect exercise machine. Offering high levels of resistance, but low stress on joints, one can earn the burn safely.

Do manufacturers really offer good deals over the holidays?

Some do and some just hike the price to lower it. Check our current and past reviews for yourself and you'll get a good idea the right machine for you.

Do ellipticals offer interactive programming?

Yes, most machines do offer some form of interactive workout programming. That said, there are countless apps on the market which one can download and sync with the machine.

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